Need an Awesome Realtor?

So many of you may already know that my family moves around a lot.  My hubby is Navy and every couple years we pack up the family and move to a new location.  Not just local…but usually to different state or country.  Recently we moved to the Washington DC Metro Area and had to find a home from Overseas.  Yes this was a BIG move…we decided to buy a house.

It was a tough decision for us!  But we hope to stay around longer this time.  With 4 kids, 2 dogs, and my oldest going to Middle School and probably entering High School during the time we plan to be here we thought buying a place would be nice.  Plus it’s really tough to rent a place with a big family AND we have TWO dogs.  Crazy right?

So here we are unpacked, settling into our new home and really enjoying having a place that is ours.  Well…really we share it with the bank right?  But anyway back on topic…it’s really important when you move the have the right Realtor.  Finding that realtor from a distance can be really tough, especially finding one that is familiar with video conferencing!  Even more important is having one that you can trust to find the right house for your family is a big deal!

Now that I have lived here for 6 whole months I am meeting the locals and finding business’s I like AND ones I  feel confident in recommending.  So this is my first big recommendation here in Fairfax County!


Drum roll please…here she is a REALTOR I just adore.  She is so nice to work with and can really get the job done.  Tiffany Royce and her husband Jeff Royce are an AMAZING team and can handle all your real estate needs.  They have a great blog too!   Go check them out at the blog is super with tons of great info for buyers and sellers alike! Their company, Frankly Realty, has a great search engine that appeals to the detail oriented house hunter who likes to see the pictures. If you are looking for a home, try

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