Destination Weddings

While I don’t photograph many weddings here the United States, I truly love Destination Weddings.  Couples running off to far away exotic places to celebrate their love and future together.  It’s so romantic and you can just feel the love in the air.

I think I love these small destination weddings so much because that it what my husband and I did so many years ago in Mykonos, Greece.  We didn’t have a photographer of course so all we have is one little image taken by a tourist or a local (I don’t quite remember) who was walking by after maybe stopping at the little cafe in the harbor of Mykonos.  It’s almost in focus, and yes it was film.  No do overs.

Mykonos Wedding

So when a few years ago while living in Naples, Italy I had the opportunity to photograph some amazing weddings with photographer Renee Williams.  Of course I jumped at the chance!  What fun and to give them some visual memories for years to come…awesome!  Back then I wasn’t really blogging or posting much.   But now I find myself now missing the beauty and wonder of the vibrant city of Naples.

Please click on the image below to enjoy a few more pictures of that lovely and VERY HOT day with this couple in love.

I wish I could just follow couples in love around the globe to document their special wedding day.  Anyone….Anyone?