Parade the Beef?

I was lucky enough to attend a Dining Out with a great group of folks from Naples.  I was not an official photographer for this fabulous event, but I snapped away quite a few pictures anyway…risking a trip to the grog each time I left my seat to get a better shot.

For those who attended you can see all the photos on my website by clicking HERE.  You will need to contact me personally for the password to witness all the fun!

(photos are in both color and black and white)

Parade the Beef?

Parade the Beef? Don't you hate it when you parade the beef and it ends up being fish?

Parade the Beef!

Parade the Beef! Ah much better, fit for consumption.

The dreaded Grog!

The dreaded Grog! Trust me it looks much more appetizing in black and white.