Prom Portraits

Thank you for letting me take your Prom portraits!
I had so much fun documenting this fun milestone event. You may be wondering why I was there and how to get your photos. Well, someone in your group hired me to be their Senior Portrait Photographer and I was able to fit your prom into my schedule for my client. Lucky you were also able to get your portraits taken as well with out a session fee. Be sure to thank your friend & their parents!

Now how do you get your images?
You should have received a password from your friend, you will need this password to access your groups prom photos.

How much are the photos?
Well, it depends. If you just want to download a digital copy it is FREE! However, there are some simple instructions you need to follow below otherwise you will be charged. However, it would be great if you would like to support your photographer by purchasing some prints or packages. While this is optional, it helps me to keep this website running and is much appreciated.

We have several print packages available as well as a-la-carte options as well. Just choose click on buy to see options and pricing.

Access Free Downloads:
1. Go to this website:
2. Click on your school, then “Seniors”, then Prom Year, then Your Prom.
3. Type in the password given to you by your friend.
4. You now have access to the Gallery.
5. Click the “Select Photos” button and choose the images you would like to download. Note: You can choose “All” or individual images.
6. Then select the “Download” button.


No.  As soon as you download the image the watermark is removed.  If you purchase prints the watermark will not be on the print.