Putting Myself Out There!

So last month I promised myself I would challenge myself each month, try new things, go out the box etc.

This month I worked with fashion photographer Michael Woodward.  Well I didn’t work WITH him, but got some training FROM him on studio lighting.  It was AWESOME!

I have been mostly a natural light photographer but here in Northern Virginia it’s VERY COLD in the winter…at least for me.  🙂  So staying indoors AND shooting without my beloved natural light can be challenging!  So I went out the box and LOVED it!  I’m hooked on trying more creative studio lighting!  I have a few new things on my wish list like a beauty light and grids for my sweet bee’s.  Alien Bee’s that is…my lovely new YELLOW lights!  Yellow is my favorite color after all.

Next, on the list was to enter the ROCK THE SHOT January Photo Challenge:  Favorite Shot of 2012.  The entry is due by January 31st…I have gone over and over my photos and I am really am having trouble picking just ONE fav for 2012.  But here it is…a beautiful bride from a Napoli Wedding in July 2012.  One of the LAST photo shoots just days before I moved back to the USA.  It’s not everyday that I get the opportunity to assist with weddings.  But Renee Williams my FAVORITE photographer and she picked little ol’ me to assist her for the day and I got THIS shot.

I selected this picture at my favorite of 2012 because it reminds me of HOW FAR I HAVE COME over the last year.  In the beginning of 2012 I was just realizing how much passion I have for photography, and this shot shows how far I have come in a very short time.

It also reminds me of a very special PLACE, Napoli has wedged it’s way into my heart forever!

It reminds me of the FRIENDS I made in Napoli, they will ALWAYS be with me wherever I am…{choking up with tears so I am moving on…}

It reminds me of my love of TRAVEL, without it I would have never have found my passion and and met the people in my life that have changed me forever!

THANK YOU FRIENDS for supporting me and cheering me on from all over the world!  I treasure you all!

Rock the Shot January Photo Challenge: Favorite Shot of 2012
Photographer: Beth Moskal
Galleria Umberto in Naples, Italy
July 2nd 2012