Your having a baby!

Whether you are having your 1st or your 4th baby it’s such a beautiful time in your life.  Having that precious little baby growing in your belly changes you.  Not only physically but emotionally too.  Remember to document this time by writing journals and taking pictures along they way.  I highly recommend taking pictures each month in the same spot to document your journey and bellies growth.

But during your late 7th month to 8th month I recommend you get professional portraits of you, your spouse, and possibly with your other children.  It’s really such a special time in YOUR life.  I would LOVE to be your choice for maternity pictures so I can provide you with some special flattering portraits of you and your belly.

I hate to admit it but I all I have is one picture of me in my hospital gown with kid number  two (I have four kids now).  I’m admitted to the hospital waiting for my little one to arrive…it’s a TERRIBLE picture of me but I DO have that belly shot.  But it’s not the kind of picture I even want to share with my kids.  It really doesn’t even look like me.  Now times have changed and maternity pictures were not as popular back then…but oh how I wish I had something better to remember my MANY MANY months of pregnancy.

This is a sample of my studio work (it was very cold in December, and more private) but it’s also great to have your pictures taken outside.