Building a Kissing Booth

So you’ve probably seen me announcing my Valentine’s Day Mini session for January 12th & 13th.  I’ve mentioned the kissing booth but it’s now being built.  I am so excited!!!   It’s totally cute Cute CUTE!  I can’t wait to see it finished with your kiddos pucking up!


So I hope to finish the project soon so I can post samples with my little one so you can see the big picture.  It’s totally in my head right now…but I think you will LOVE it!  Don’t worry, this kissing booth is going to have MANY uses in the future.  I am thinking a lemonade stand in the summer, and maybe even a Girl Scout Cookie booth too!  Oooh…the possibilities are endless!


Most importantly I want to SEND a HUGE THANK YOU to my hubby!  He was so sweet to help me build this project and it only took him about a half hour!  He TOTALLY ROCKS!  Thanks again sweetie!


In the left picture you see the old fencing material that I will use.  The right is the frame of the booth.  On to sanding and staining!