Where is the family tree?

Normally, I reserve my blog for my photography  focused adventures.  But this story is so amazing I wanted to share it with you.  In the end it all comes around to the photos of the people and this amazing city.  So stay with me…

I work with photographer Renee Williams.(www.myphotosbyrenee.com)  I must say life working with Renee is never dull.  I wake up Tuesday morning, and I have a  facebook message waiting “…Interested in a little adventure?… ” So sure I am always up for an adventure.

Turns out she is helping someone research their family here in the Naples area and we’re going to find out if they have any living relatives in a beautiful little town called San Guiseppe Vesuviano.

San Giuseppe Vesuviano

A few hours later we arrive and I think to myself…how are we going to find anyone?  This town is much bigger than I thought.  Where do we start?

Renee of course knows that we should talk to the old guys in the main piazza.  Why didn’t I think of that?

Church in San Guiseppe Vesuviano

We have a google-translated letter in hand, Renee’s iPad and my camera.  So these two blonde Americans walk up and say good morning (buon giorno)…sounds like the start of a good joke right?  Then, we and show them the letter.  Everyone gets out their glasses.

As they finish the letter there is great debate (or so I assume) about who the family is and where they are now.  One guy thinks he knows a guy who might be related and disappears to get more information.  But first…he tells us to wait here and look for “Tony the American” and points out his parked car.  So who is this Tony the American?  And so we wait…

…and so do you!  While you wait for more of this riveting story enjoy some more pics.