A Mermaids Tale with Megan Dooner

 “Always be yourself, unless you can be a mermaid then always be a mermaid.”

If you have not read my previous blog “The Purple Mermaid”, please go check that out first! You’ll get some awesome behind the scenes insight into this creative project that was just plain good for my creative soul…and my love of all things MERMAID! In this blog post A Mermaids Tale, you’ll hear Megan Dooner herself!

I had the opportunity to ask Megan what her experience was like during this collaborative project and she did not disappoint! 

Megan has been mermaiding for 2 years. She is part of the Metro Merfolk pod in the DMV area and has been underwater modeling for 4 years. She is also the owner and creative genius behind Creator Custome Design!

With your underwater modeling experience, have you ever modeled in a tank before?

“I have never had the opportunity to be in a tank before! This is actually pretty rare unless you are a professional mermaid or under-water performer.”

How did you come up with ideas for the tank decor?

“I pulled inspiration for the photos I saw that Finfolk Productions (a mermaid tail/top, etc retailer) posted on social media. I liked the idea of it looking like you were in a large aquarium instead of creating the illusion that you were just in water and not in a tank. I wanted to accentuate the tank, but do it in a way that told a story.”

Was it challenging posing in a tank? 

“I really had no idea what to expect with regards to being in the tank… would it feel small? How do you pose in such a small space? How could I use the fact that I could touch the walls to my advantage? 

Thankfully, Morgana Alba (Owner and ‘head mermaid’ at Circus Siren Pod) gave me tons of tips on how to pose, specifically in the tank environment, to get some really stunning shots! It was incredibly relaxing and freeing to just float in the water and enjoy the whole experience. I was hopeful that we’d get some great shots but really wasn’t sure where I should set my expectations.”

How were your overall experience and final reaction to the finished photographs?

“I was completely blown away by the actual experience of being in the tank, as well as the photographs that we got! I’d do it again in a heart-beat and would love to perform in a tank, live! Interacting with kids and mermaid enthusiasts and being able to bring some magic and joy into their lives, that’s what is so exciting for me about mermaiding. You’re bringing people into the joy that you feel being in the water. It’s just such a special, unique experience!”

I think Megan and I are mersisters at heart and would both agree with this quote: “Always be yourself, unless you can be a mermaid then always be a mermaid!”

Take a look at some behind the scenes clips of The Purple Mermaid!