The pink parachute dress

I’ve been so excited to create imagery using this gorgeous pink parachute dress! Senior photos are a great opportunity to explore new ideas and create beautiful photos! The parachute dress was designed and made by the incredible Megan Dooner CreatorCostumeDesign!

Seniors who sign up with me to be Reps have the opportunity to take photos in this dress! Becoming a Senior Rep like Aubry comes with many perks and fun experiences.

The sky cleared up not too long after taking these photos, giving us the perfect opportunity to capture this shot! The contrast between the sky and the shimmery material of this pink parachute dress is so pretty. Aubry, my Senior Rep, looks stunning in this photo! I love it and I hope you do too!

There a secret to how we are able to capture these shots…check out my behind the scenes video below.

Are you looking for modern unique Senior photos like these? Senior photos are a wonderful way to capture a snapshot into who you are during this season in your life. Let’s tell your unique story through beautiful, creative photos. Contact me and I would be thrilled to work with you!

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the pink parachute dress
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Behind the scenes action video of how we took the photo