Glam it Up!

One portrait, Three Ways.  Which one do YOU like best?

So today I had an amazing day shadowing fashion photographer Michael Woodward. I like to take the time to learn new techniques.  By continuing my training I keep current and try to push the envelope of my art.  By doing this I am able to give my AWESOME clients the best products possible for a reasonable price.

Today I learned many things about lighting, even more camera settings AND new photoshop techniques. I was so inspired that I came home and re-edited one of my favorite Pin-Up photos.  I would love feedback.  So feel free to respond and let me know which one version you like best, love to hear your thoughts.

The first one is SOOC or Straight Out of Camera.  The second is my first edit of the picture.  The third is today’s re-edit I glammed it up bit.  What do you think?